How to Configure a Discussion Board List in SharePoint 2013 for a Facebook Style

SharePoint 2013 adds many new features to Lists, and in this article, we’ll take a look at how to use the Discussion Board list in SharePoint 2013. I think that Facebook is probably very familiar to most of you, and users can easily understand how it presents information. As you know, the Discussion Board is used for communication with many members. So, we need to have many features to support our following them. This walkthrough shows you how to configure a Discussion Board list in SharePoint 2013 to use a Facebook style.

First, let’s talk about how to create a Discussion Board list.

Go to your site and click on the third picture (Add lists, libraries, and other apps):


Select the Discussion Board list type, enter a name for the list, and then click the Create button.

At this point, you will see the list in the left pane of page. Click on the list name to see it:


Here, you should click on the new discussion hyperlink button to create a new Thread:


In the new item form, you will see the Question checkbox. You should check this if you want to get answers from other members:

The new topic will be shown as shown below in the list:

Click on the Thread to view and reply to the post:


To rate this topic, go to the List tab on the Ribbon and select the List Settings icon:


Click on the Rating Settings hyperlink as pictured below:


Select your two options:

  • Allow items in this list to be rated?
  • Which voting/rating experience you would like to enable for this list?


Go back to the last topic at this point, and you will see a Like button much like on Facebook. When you click Like, the Unlike button will be shown with a smiley face and total number of likes:


Go to the list, and you will see the Number of Like and Rating columns.