How to Change Regional Settings on My Site in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 adds many new features, including improvements to Lists, Sites, and Pages, as well as a variety of changes pertaining to user interface and locations. In some cases, these changes can cause difficulties in using your sites. In this article, we will take a look at how to change Regional Settings on the My Site in SharePoint 2013. As you know, Regional Settings on My Sites are used to change the Date and Time format on a page based on the country and time zone of users. This walkthrough shows you how to change the Regional Settings on My Sites in SharePoint 2013.

First let’s talk about the user interface involved in the process.  In SharePoint 2010, it’s easy to see in My Settings, but in SharePoint 2013, we need to go through a few steps.

To compare the results before changing and after changing, you should create a Calendar list with some Date & Time columns:


When you create a new item in the Calendar list, the Start Time and End Time columns are shown in the default format:


Now, we’ll change the Date Time format as follows:

  • Expand the Account Name drop-down list and select the About Me menu:


  • Click on the editing your profile hyperlink:


  • Click on the button and select the Language and Region option:


  • Under the Language section: In Language Preferences, select the language that you want to use. Don’t forget to click Add to show it on My Display Language.
  • Under the Time Zone section: In Time Zone, select the time zone for your current location.
  • Under the Region section: In Choose your settings, select the Always use my personal settings option.  For Locale, select a locale from the list to specify the way sites display numbers, dates, and time.
  • Click Save all then the Close button:



Now, in the Calendar list, when you create a new item, you will see a new format for Date and Time: