How to Add a Word Document to a SharePoint 2013 Site

You knew you could insert Web pages and media files into your SharePoint 2013 site pages, but did you also know that thanks to Microsoft Office Web Apps, you can also insert Word documents into your site page? This feature is just one of a number of updates Microsoft has made for SharePoint 2013 to optimize its compatibility with Office 2013. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through step-by-step how to add a Word document to your SharePoint 2013 site.

1. Go to your SharePoint site.  Using Office Web Apps from the Documents library, click the new document. Next, select the Word document:

For this example, we have created the Word doc sample below:

2. After you have saved your file.  Go to File and click on Share. Next, click on the Embed icon:

3.  As needed, adjust the height and width of the frame for your Word doc. Once you have finished setting the dimensions, copy the Embed code at the bottom of the page and click Close:

4. Navigate back to your SharePoint site and click on Settings. From the settings drop-down, click on Add a page:

5. You will be prompted to assign your new page a name.  For this example, we are naming our new page EmbedAWord.  Once you have assigned your page a name, click on Create:

6. After you have created and named your new page, click on Edit Source:

7. A dialog box will pop up.  In the source box, paste the code that you copied earlier and click OK

8. Once finished, click the Save button:

9. Once you have successfully saved your Word doc, you will now be able to view the doc in full screen on your new page (in this case, the EmbedAWord page):

In addition to being able to view your Word doc in full screen, SharePoint 2013 also provides a number of different options for your document, including the ability to: Download a Copy, Print to PDF, and get Embed Information for your document: