Bamboo Solutions Releases Highly Anticipated Products for Microsoft SharePoint

List Rollup, Password Reset, and Calendar Plus Web Parts are available for immediate download and purchase.


Bamboo Solutions Corporation, a dynamic technology company helping clients deliver websites and portal applications built on Microsoft SharePoint® technology, today released two new products for SharePoint – List Rollup and Password Reset Web Parts. In addition, a new version of Bamboo’s top-selling Calendar Plus Web Part is also available this week. As with all Bamboo Web Parts, these new products support both SharePoint Portal Services 2003 (SPS) and Windows SharePoint Service (WSS) sites.

The List Rollup Web Part is a competitively priced and user-friendly tool that allows users to consolidate various SharePoint list items into a single, dynamic view which can then be filtered and sorted for relevant information. Users define which lists are included, select different columns from each list for inclusion, and can select multiple lists and/or views from both SPS areas and WSS sites. They can apply CAML filtering, select a master list for all selected lists to conform to for content and formatting, and save selections for re-use while tweaking lists and/or views to roll up the data as needed. This Web Part creates a DataView web part which can be formatted further using Front Page 2003.

Utilizing the List Rollup DataView, users can easily correlate diverse information and dramatically improve their SharePoint portal application to handle greater project and task management activities. For instance, a manager who supervises three different departments can roll up tasks for all three into one Data View – allowing him/her to manage activities and deliverables across the entire organization.

The Password Reset Web Part quite simply allows SharePoint users to self-administer resetting their passwords. Users are able to unlock and change their own passwords without calling IT for support, dramatically increasing productivity for both IT and end-users alike. This solution is accomplished through a standard website interface. Email confirmation is sent to the user, upon which a secondary validation is required, ensuring the secured transaction. This web part supports both Active Directory and NT domain account modes.

The latest and highly anticipated version of Calendar Plus Web Part, release 1.2, provides users with enhanced features for viewing and displaying SharePoint list items in a calendar view. Using SharePoint list view filtering criteria, users can now display items beyond the standard calendar binding date. This option, as well as other web part settings, can be turned on/off as required. In addition, the calendar menu toolbar now supports multiple languages – Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, and Vietnamese – allowing for greater conformity to site settings.
All three web parts are available for immediate purchase and download via Bamboo’s online store. Additional product information as well as extensive and useful application notes, free trial downloads, FAQs, and user forums can all be found on the Bamboo website.

About Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 is a collaborative portal solution that connects people, teams, and information. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 builds on the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services platform to enable organizations to integrate business processes and applications, as well as to provide a full set of collaboration and personalization features for end-users.

About Bamboo Solutions

Bamboo Solutions is a leading provider of web parts for Microsoft SharePoint. Thousands of resourceful users worldwide are benefiting from our suite of products to extend and enhance the functionality of their SharePoint applications, thus minimizing development time, effort, and costs. Our comprehensive portfolio of products opens up a world of possibilities for .NET applications. With over 70 million seats worldwide, SharePoint is anticipated to support an increasing variety of complex tasks as organizations proceed with the integration of business processes and applications. Our products are designed to help clients integrate these features and functions that go well beyond the basics of SharePoint. From practical administrative web parts to comprehensive and specialized business components and solutions accelerators, our products are the direct result of 11 years of experience developing collaborative solutions for clients worldwide. Bamboo Solutions is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, USA. For more information, visit


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