Bamboo Solutions Releases Grants Management Software for Microsoft SharePoint

Cost effective and flexible solution aimed at grantees who need to track funding, reports and more.


Bamboo Solutions Corporation, a leading international technology company helping clients deliver portal applications built on Microsoft® SharePoint® technology, today announced the release of it’s Grants Management Solution Accelerator for SharePoint. This application is positioned to meet the needs of grantees, or grant recipients, many of whom have difficulty maintaining vital programs because of increasing obligations from funding organizations.

The risk of not managing the grants process can be devastating to an organization. The loss or reduction of funds, can result in the downsizing or elimination of critical programs. The Grant Management Solution Accelerator helps organizations maintain all information in one centralized portal for easy access, minimizing the time and effort needed to ensure critical programs are funded properly. Grantees can more easily identify how much money is left for each grant, when it needs to be spent, whether required reports have been submitted, or when each grant period starts and ends. Reductions in workforce and a wider array of funding sources, make this type of application indispensable to any grant-driven organization.

The Grants Management Solution Accelerator is based on 4 years of experience helping grant making organizations manage milestones, tasks and information. Bamboo Solutions has been working with organizations, such as Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation (OTPF), who manage hundreds of grantees with the overall goal of prevention and cessation of tobacco products for the state of Ohio. The SharePoint-based application developed by Bamboo, has made a huge difference in their ability to meet their objectives, by allowing them to carefully manage the tasks and efforts of their grantees. Grantees for OTPF, as well as other grant seeking organizations, have in turn voiced their desire for a similar cost-effective solution configured to meet their needs.

The application takes advantage of the power of SharePoint, providing a cost effective and highly flexible portal for the management of grants. SharePoint provides a single point of access to people, teams, knowledge, and applications. It benefits organizations by helping employees and decision makers be more productive, while allowing organizations to take advantage of their investment in existing systems. Unlike expensive applications on the market today, SharePoint allows organizations to take advantage of existing infrastructure investments, keeping the total cost of ownership low.

“We have heard from many organizations who are frustrated with the lack of affordable solutions for this market. The power of using SharePoint makes it cost effective and flexible to be easily adopted within any organization. Additional components can be added over time with minimal cost and effort” says Julie Auletta, Solutions Center Manager, Bamboo Solutions Corporation.

The Grants Management Solution Accelerator is one of other similar products released by Bamboo. Solution Accelerators provide pre-built and standard templates, site layouts, Web Parts, and most importantly – specialized business logic, helping clients “fast-track” their collaborative solution. Specialized business solutions, powered by SharePoint technology makes for affordable and configurable products that rival the capabilities of applications that typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a leading global provider of SharePoint Web Parts, Bamboo is uniquely positioned because the experience of providing collaborative solutions to clients for 11 years drives product management and development teams to roll out new and innovative products, packaged with support and licensing options, thus providing cost effective solutions for a larger, global client base.

Bamboo Solutions’ Grants Management Solution Accelerator, along with their complete portfolio of products for SharePoint, is available for immediate download and purchase via Bamboo’s online store.

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