Dux Raymond Sy Empowers Corporate Communicators with SharePoint 2013 and Purposeful Collaboration

“The way we communicate is changing!”

If this is the case, what are you and your organization doing to update your SharePoint environment and stay on top of the social revolution? In his keynote presentation, Top 10 Ways SharePoint 2013 Empowers
Corporate Communicators
, Innovative-e Managing Partner Dux Raymond Sy outlined the Top 10 ways corporate communicators can take advantage of SharePoint 2013 to make SharePoint the place where people can go to get their job done better, faster, and sooner.  As the “new way to work together,” SharePoint no longer has to be where all your files go to die; rather, with its new enterprise social capabilities, it can now be seamlessly woven into the tools you use every day to get your work done.

So what are the Top 10 ways that SharePoint empowers?  First up is its Cross-Platform Compatibility. Using a Mac? A PC? Your Android tablet?  Regardless of what device you’re using to get work done, SharePoint 2013 has been updated to work across platforms. That said, how can we make the platform easier to manage? The second way that SharePoint 2013 empowers users is its Usability. When it comes to SharePoint, and especially enterprise social, Microsoft has got you connected, according to Dux. With SharePoint 2013, it’s actually NOT just about SharePoint; it’s about being able to access all the tools you use to get work done – Lync, Word, Outlook, and more – in a single, centralized location.

Now that we have everything in a centralized location, how on Earth do we go about keeping everything in line? The third way that SharePoint 2013 empowers users is by providing top-notch Web Content Management. With tools such as the Designer Manager and improved Site Settings options, SharePoint 2013 makes it easier than ever to manage not only your content but your site’s look and feel and more.

On to #4 which, based on audience questions and responses, is perhaps one of the most appreciated new ways SharePoint 2013 empowers – Search. As opposed to earlier editions, SharePoint 2013 offers much richer search results that include the ability to inherit behavior as well as being able to set “best bets” for searches. In addition, through its updated functionality, Search in SharePoint 2013 allows administrators to direct users to search results that are relevant to THEM based on user profiles.

When it comes to making SharePoint your go-to place for getting work done, one of the most empowering features SharePoint 2013 offers is its Office Integration. By tying everything together, SharePoint 2013
allows businesses to function better than ever before. One of the key updates for 2013 that facilitates this integration is the introduction of Office Web Apps. This new feature allows you to edit docs directly in your browser – whether you’re using a Mac or PC, or you’re at home or at the office. In addition, with built-in features such as the Site Mailbox and co-authoring, you can always be connected to your projects.

We keep hearing about Yammer and enterprise social, but what exactly does it mean to corporate communicators? According to Dux, the sixth way in which SharePoint 2013 empowers users is by providing Social Computing. By allowing users to “work out loud,” SharePoint 2013’s social capabilities enhance communication, coordination, and collaboration, they’re changing how we share ideas, find answers, track what colleagues are working on, and more.

Dashboards. Pivot Tables. Charts. By enhancing the Reporting capabilities, SharePoint 2013 helps empower users by providing the ability to customize and publish your reports, whether it’s in one of the aforementioned formats, or some other shape or size.  As to how to go about sharing your interactive charts and reports? SharePoint 2013 has you covered there as well.  With its File Store, Sync, and Share capabilities, SharePoint 2013 changes how you work with your files. With the introduction of SkyDrive Pro, each individual has their own file drive where they can keep their files stored in the cloud and readily available for syncing, regardless of whether they’re at home, at the office, or on the go.

Speaking of on-the-go, SharePoint 2013 has you covered there as well. With its newly updated Mobile capabilities, SharePoint 2013 empowers users that don’t spend their days behind a desk. With built-in responsive design as well as app availability, SharePoint 2013 works across different devices including your Android, iOS, and Windows phones and tablets.

As for the #10 way in which SharePoint empowers corporate communicators? There’s rarely a conversation about mobile without a complimentary conversation on Apps. New for 2013, SharePoint apps are available both out-of-the-box as well as from the SharePoint App Store. With the introduction of apps, SharePoint 2013 allows you to customize your site like never before providing a whole wealth of different free and paid SharePoint enhancements.  Worried about unauthorized downloads? Never fear, for with the built-in permissions settings, administrators can monitor who’s downloading what and block unauthorized downloads.

So what does winning look like? According to Dux in his conclusion, the key to empowering corporate communicators is Sustainable Adoption. By driving excitement, facilitating change, and empowering and assisting users, SharePoint 2013 has the features and capabilities necessary to positively transform how we work and help lead the social revolution.

~Team Bamboo