Continued Evolution: List Rollup Web Part Release 6.0 is Now Available

It’s my pleasure today to announce the availability of a new major release of List Rollup Web Part: version 6.0. In this release, Bamboo has:

  • Merged the former List Rollup Classic Edition and the List Rollup Schema architecture.
  • Added a Migration utility to migrate List Rollup Data Views to List Rollup Schemas.
  • Added new features to the provided List Rollup Grid View Web Part.

Merging the past with the future

When List Rollup Web Part was introduced over five years ago, it provided the ultimate in flexibility, with the ability to merge any list or column simply based on the display name, but it came at a price. Attempting to aggregate many lists and items resulted in slow performance. Even with the addition of an optional Caching feature, speed was still not up to par. That all changed In release 5.0 with the introduction of the Schema architecture. With the Schema architecture, performance received a huge boost, resulting in data being returned in a fraction of the time, using existing SharePoint aggregation architecture and merging data based on same List Type.

With List Rollup Web Part version 6.0, we have merged the old with the new, providing a unified aggregation interface without any loss of functionality. With a slight alteration to the List Rollup Schema Designer (the Web Part used to create schemas), the user initially selects which Aggregation Service should be used:

  • Bamboo Aggregation Service (BAS), which provides the same capabilities as List Rollup Classic Edition, allowing users to aggregate any list or column type based on display name.
  • SharePoint Aggregation Service (SAS), which provides the same capabilities that the former List Rollup Schema Designer provided, allowing users to aggregate on lists of same type.

Migrate List Rollup Data View to List Rollup Schema

To benefit from the new unified interface and the wealth of features List Rollup Grid View Web Part offers, Bamboo Solutions encourages customers to migrate their existing List Rollup Data Views (these are Web Parts produced List Rollup Classic Edition Web Part) to the schema architecture. To utilize the migration utility, users place the Bamboo List Rollup Schema Designer Web Part on the same page as the existing List Rollup Data View they want to migrate. Within the List Rollup Schema Designer, they select the option:

 Upon selecting this option, the Web Part will reset with a new interface:

In this view, all List Rollup Data Views found on the same page as the List Rollup Schema Designer are listed in the Available Data Views. Select which data views you want to migrate and finally click Migrate Data View.

Improvements to List Rollup Grid View

List Rollup Grid View, a free display Web Part included with List Rollup provides a variety of benefits and, in Release 6.0, its features have been extended.

  1. By popular demand, users configuring the List Rollup Grid View Web Part can now expose the Settings button to only a defined group of users.  This allows designers to configure List Rollup Grid View and limit who can modify it later.
  2. Styling the grid view to match your Master Page.  You can now select either a predefined “skin” or modify the CSS directly to match your needs.

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