Community Central for SharePoint 2013 Style Guide: How to Change the Site Background and Look and Feel

The latest release of Bamboo’s Community Central offers a host of new features and customization options. While default, Community Central for SharePoint 2013 keeps the same stylistic components as Community Central for SharePoint 2010, our new customization options allow you to change the style of your site to meet your style needs.

In this article, we’ll show you how to change the style of your Community Central site on SharePoint 2013, including the site’s background as well as its look and feel.

Changing the background color:

As mentioned, the default style for Community Central for SharePoint 2013 is the same as the style for SharePoint 2010. This style can be seen in the example below:

In order to change the background color, you will need to follow the steps below. Note that for this example, we are using colors that match the default UI in SharePoint 2013.

1. Go to Site Contents and open the list named Skins. From there, open the Styles folder and download the following files to your local drive: custom.css and custom15.css.

2. Edit the files custom15.css and custom.css:

  • Search for and change the value of the background color from #000 to RGB(0, 114, 198) and apply the color code to these classes: “.bb-bodyrightzone”, “bb-bottomcontainer”, and “.SA15_MainBody_Footer”
  • Search for and change the value of the border-bottom-color from #000 to rgb(0, 114, 198) and apply to these classes: “body #s4-titlerow”, “SA15_BoxSkin2_LeftHeader1_CollapseExpand”, “SA15_ForumSite_LeftHeader_Title”, “SA15_BoxSkin2_LeftHeader1_Threads”, and “SA15_BoxSkin2_LeftHeader1_Messages”
  • Once you have finished, save your changes.

3. After you’ve saved your changes, upload the files from Step 2 to the folder styles in the Skins list.

4. Refresh your site page. You will now see that the style changes made above have been implemented: