Checking in from Best Practices 2011

Hello Bamboo Nation!  I am in sunny San Diego for the Best Practices Conference!  And when I say sunny I mean 52 degrees and rainy.  However; regardless of the weather we are having a fantastic first day.  Although it is still early, I am overwhelmed with the response to Bamboo Solutions’ presence.  Everyone is coming up and raving about our Web Parts.  The most notable was Bill English from Mindsharp who is delivering the keynote to kick the conference off.  He stopped our booth bright and early to let us know that he is giving a shout out to Bamboo in the keynote.  Mindsharp recently conducted a survey about which third-party applications clients are using for SharePoint.  When the results were tallied, Bamboo Solutions came out on top as the most used. Woo-Hoo!  We can’t complain about that.

Another interesting thing I have discovered is that not only do end users love our Web Parts but so do the IT staff.  I have spoken to many IT administrators today and they love the fact that our solutions are easy to install, maintain, and update.  One statement that really brought the subject to light for me was, “Bamboo provides a security blanket to our organization”.   This client felt because there is always a path with our Web Parts, his organization does not have to worry about someone who wrote the code leaving or the upgrade to SP2010.  With Bamboo these are no longer concerns. A new employee could come in tomorrow and wouldn’t have to decipher the code written for their in-house developed solution.  They simply contact our support (which he had nothing but high praise for) and they can get up and running in a day.

So far we are getting great feedback and have spoken to many happy customers.  If you haven’t had the chance yet, please come on the booth and say “Hello!”


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