Business Process & Third-party Integration Findings in the ‘Using SharePoint for ECM’ AIIM Report

Using SharePoint for ECM, the new AIIM report released at the beginning of the week, focuses on a number of different sectors of interest including: SharePoint Adoption and Scale, Deployment, SharePoint 2010 Experiences, Business Process and Third-Party Integration, Forward Strategies, and Governance.

A sampling of the survey results in the Business Process and Third-party Integration sector include:

  • Project management is the most common automated process with over 40% of respondents using SharePoint for project management, followed by IT support (30%), and line-of-business (over 20%).

  • Of respondents with firm plans in the next twelve months, inbound forms (30%), case management (over 20%) and Web forms (over 20%) look set to grow most.
  • Information access portals are the strongest integration project, followed by project management and Web content management (WCM).
  • Only 15% of respondents currently have links to imaging, records management, and other ECM systems, but this is set to grow considerably.
  • Integration to the enterprise stalwarts of ERP, CRM and HR is quite low.
  • Third-party add-ons remain popular, even with the added features in 2010.
  • Workflow/BPM is currently the most popular add-on at 18% and this is set to grow to 55% of organizations within twelve months. 40% plan add-ons for security, classification, RM and archive, and 30% are looking to improve back-up, storage and emails.
  • Add-ons for e-discovery, archiving, digital signatures and case management are set to quadruple in adoption.

Do any of these results strike you as surprising?  The one that jumps out at me is the anticipated growth in workflow/BPM add-ons from third-party providers, with 55% of responding organizations expecting to purchase such add-ons in the year ahead (up from just 18% using workflow/BPM add-ons today).  All of which sounds like very good news indeed for third-party providers in the workflow space… including, of course, Bamboo with our own Workflow Conductor.

Next week, we'll take a look at a sampling of the survey findings related to Forward Strategies and Governance.

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