Benefits of Bamboo Solutions’ List Print Web Part Compared to SharePoint OOTB Print Options

Clearly, printing lists is a glaring gap in out-of-the-box SharePoint features but year after year, version after version, SharePoint consistently only allows export list options as a solution. And that’s where Bamboo Solutions’ List Print Web Part comes in!

How it works

After deploying Bamboo’s List Print Application to your tenant and/or site collection app catalog, the List Print web part can be activated or deactivated at any time at the site collection level.

Once activated on a site collection the “Bamboo List Print” button will appear at the top of every list within that site collection. It’s as simple as that. From that point forward users and admin alike will be able to print data from their SharePoint list.

Customizing the Print Layout and Data

List Print by Bamboo Solutions not only provides a quick and easy solution to printing a SharePoint list, it also offers a way to filter or customize the display of the data. When a user or admin clicks on the Bamboo List Print button, the Bamboo Solutions List Print module pops up and overlays on top of the list. From here, just click the “Print Items” button to get a pristine printout of the SharePoint list. Bamboo Solutions’ List Print web part also offers many ways of configuring the list data within this module, making the data more consumable.

The user can select from three options to further define their print preferences: View, Template, and Print Items or Export to Excel.

First, the View option allows users to select from existing SharePoint list views to filter data that should be printed.

Second, the Template option allows users to choose between three different print styles (basic table, column form, and card view). Below is an example shot of each style.

Basic table

Column form

Card view

Lastly, the Print Items or Export to Excel option allows users to export to Excel in either Basic Table or Column form. At this time, the card view does not export to Excel.

Download List Print Today!

SharePoint out-of-the-box list print options are limited to exporting the list to CSV, Excel, or Power BI. From those files a user can print the information, but it will not hold the SharePoint formatting. Bamboo Solutions’ List Print web part allows users to print lists directly from SharePoint while maintaining the SharePoint look and feel. In addition, Bamboo Solutions’ List Print web part offers a way to customize the print layout of your data to make it look more polished and professional.

The List Print web part is a solution that can instantly be deployed across a tenant or site collection and apply to all existing lists, and any new lists as they are created. Stop fussing with the SharePoint OOTB export and format loss, head over to and trial List Print today!