BCSP – Keynote Speaker Dux Raymond Sy Discusses How to Deliver Business Value at SHARE 2013

If today’s keynote was a preview of what to expect for this week’s SHARE Conference, then it’s going to be a crazy, exciting, fun-filled, and yes, educational few days.  Dux Raymond Sy, in his typical not-much-one-for-subtlety mode, opened this year’s conference with a bang.  This year; however, he decided to leave the marching band at home and instead opted for bagpipes and beatboxing (check out the entertaining video on YouTube). 

Once the musical introduction had ended, Dux dove headfirst into the theme of this morning’s keynote: “Critical SharePoint: Deliver Business Value with SharePoint and Line of Business Systems.”  SharePoint, as he noted, is still viewed many as no more than a “glorified file share.”  With this being the case, how can we get past this misconception and “let SharePoint bridge the gap?”  One of the keys to implementing SharePoint, Dux noted, is to “think of SharePoint beyond a one-trick pony” and instead use it as a powerful tool for unifying our siloed, individual systems and start utilizing SharePoint as a comprehensive, tool for communication, collaboration, and sharing business critical information.

From here, the presentation transitioned to the core message of the address: What is Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP) and how can we achieve BCSP success?  Dux has identified three key steps:

1.     Rapidly Prioritize Needs;

2.     Identify Relevant Processes; and

3.     Win Consistently.

So how do we break these three steps?  First, as stated, we need to Rapidly Prioritize Needs.  Specifically, we need to identify what our goals are and what we intend to achieve.  Dux exemplified this point discussing a boat race.  While the boat (e.g., our tools and technology) is important; it is also critical to take the boat’s destination into consideration.  It’s not just about how we get to our destination he pointed out; we need to think about what that destination is (e.g., our goals and objectives).

Next, Dux moved onto the second step to achieving BCSP success: Identify Relevant Processes.  The key goal here is simplistic in concept – get everyone on the same page.  Though this may seem like an obvious goal, when people and organizations do not take the time upfront to create an accepted, organization-wide workflow (such as the ones you can create with Workflow Conductor), you’re inevitably setting yourself up for confusion and decreased productivity.  When we take the time upfront to implement clear processes, we not only increase efficiencies; we help build and identify roles and responsibilities within our organization.

Last, Dux moved onto the third and final step to achieving BCSP: Win Consistently.  So, “What Does Winning Look Like?,” Dux queried.  Simply stated, winning is different for every organization.  The key is to focus on what your identified goals and objectives are, how to grow your solution(s) gradually, and, perhaps most importantly, how to achieve “sustainable adoption.”  SharePoint, plain and simple, is an investment.  That stated, one of our goals should be to not only drive user adoption, but also to drive the platform.  SharePoint undoubtedly has the potential to be a powerful tool, so what can we do as SharePoint champions to enhance SharePoint and take the platform to new heights?

Looks like we have two full days and plenty of sessions, case studies and keynotes ahead in which to find out!

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