Bamboo’s Product of the Month for June has Arrived: Create Visually Dynamic, Interactive Charts with Chart Plus

All this June, we’re by your side and ready to help your organization visually communicate critical data quickly and effectively with dynamic, interactive charts by highlighting our Product of the Month – Chart Plus Web Part.

Distributing critical business data can be a difficult and expensive process. Available for SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013, Bamboo’s Chart Plus Web Part goes beyond out-of-the-box SharePoint charting by allowing users to effectively communicate results to the entire enterprise without the need for costly reporting software. When you invest in Chart Plus, you’ll benefit from its powerful capabilities, including:

  • Multiple Chart Types– Pick the best chart type to display your data, including Bar, Stacked Bar, Line, Area, Stacked Area, Pie, Bubble, and Gantt.
  • Intelligent and Flexible Labeling– In charts that have many data points, or with values close to one another, labels can overlap and make readability a problem. Make your chart more readable with Intelligent Labels to automatically align labels so that each value can be seen clearly. Approximate and plot empty values as dotted lines, allowing realistic estimates for missing or future data points.
  • Multiple Data Source Options – SharePoint List or Library, SQL Table or View, Bamboo List Rollup, Microsoft Business Data Catalog/Business Connectivity Services, Excel Services, and external lists based on External Content Type.
  • Printing/Exporting -Export your data from Chart Plus Web Part to Microsoft Excel, or print a hard copy to reuse your charts in presentations, meetings, and official documentation.
  • Filtering – Dynamically filter data using Runtime Filtering View or Web Part Connection. For SQL table data, filter data by applying filter criteria.
  • Custom CSS -Choose chart element positions, orientations, color schemes, chart skin, and more, all through the easy-to-use interface. Power users can also create custom CSS to control every element of the chart, creating personalized, relevant data representations.

In addition, when you invest in Bamboo products such as Chart Plus, you get instant access to user forums, product documentation online, and more.