Bamboo’s January Product of the Month: List Rollup

Bamboo’s January Product of the Month is List Rollup. How much time would you save if you could quickly amass widespread data across Sites and Site Collections to gain a central focus on heightened efficiency, smoother collaboration, and growth? Quite a bit, right?

List Rollup places the power of data aggregation into your hands allowing you and your users to access content from across Sites and Site Collections in a single view. With flexible aggregation, an intuitive interface, automated discovery, and much more, all you have to do is select the service that suits your needs.

You can use List Rollup to:

  • Filter, group, sort, and export items from multiple SharePoint lists – all in real-time, all across your portal
  • Select individual lists or automatically roll up newly added ones from across sites and site collections
  • Display data however you or end-users like by specifying columns you want to display, selecting List Views, and customizable styles and themes
  • Standardize numbers and date column formats for easier data mining and processing
  • Export your results to Excel for offline management and reporting
  • Ensure your collected data is comprehensive with security-trimming intact

Turn data aggravation into data aggregation today with List Rollup.