Bamboo Travelogue 2015

2015 has been Bamboo’s most eventful year…so far. All of our team members have returned from their travels and boy, do we enjoy the leg space under our desks in the office! We unpacked our bags and
distributed the candy we brought from abroad. Our 2015 shows were certainly not our first rodeos – some of us have been touring with Bamboo for many, many years – yet we’ve learned a lot from this year’s experiences. Now that we are finished with our travels, we can regroup and deliberate on our takeaways. The one thing we all have concluded is that, for one reason or another, we love attending and exhibiting at shows. And we have plenty of reasons we enjoy events.

The various team players at Bamboo identify different aspects of the shows as their favorites. Our Product Managers enjoy seeing the impact of their work on our users’ everyday lives and receiving positive feedback on our products. The Sales team is thrilled to interact with clients with whom they’ve been talking on the phone or via email for years. For first-time travelers, it’s the surprise of being so well-known in the SharePoint® community that makes events incredible. As you can see, our highlights are all centered around one idea: Meeting our customers face-to-face and feeling validated for what we do.

We always eagerly anticipate events because they offer a wealth of information about the future of SharePoint and other important industry trends. We are just as excited about attending sessions hosted by thought leaders as any other attendee. The information we obtain at events is crucial to our evolution, especially because they give us the opportunity to gain a better understanding of what our current and future clients expect from us.

We’re glad to have learned about your concerns and your plans about moving to the Cloud, staying in an on-premises environment, or going hybrid this past year. We can come up with better solutions for your problems, knowing exactly what they are. Based on conversations in Sweden and Germany, we now also see that our road map for years to come needs to press for a stronger Bamboo presence in Europe.

We appreciate that many of you stopped to say hello, even if you didn’t have specific questions for us. We’ve received countless compliments on our new booth design and marketing collateral. We can’t wait to organize another giveaway after the success of our “Answer-Scratch-Win” promotion at the European SharePoint Conference in Stockholm. We loved seeing the excitement and joy on our participants’ faces. (One
of our favorite moments of 2015 was witnessing one of our players win a Surface 3: Our friend almost fainted!) Our team feels rewarded for your kind feedback and we cannot wait to continue to impress next year.

Thank you for a wonderful 2015!

We hope to see you again – or maybe for the first time – in 2016!