Bamboo Survey Prize Winners

Hello, Bamboo Nation!  Chris Dooley, Community Manager here with the exciting news of the prize winners from among our recent survey participants.  Before we get to the big announcement though, I would first like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey. With over 1,600 submissions, it will take a while to parse all of the results, but we will keep you posted as to particularly noteworthy trends that we discover (such as the previously announced early result that one in five responding organizations have already rolled out SharePoint 2010, or are currently in the process of doing so).

Now back to the reason you are all here… the announcement of the winners of our prize drawing! We tried to make sure the selection process was as scientific as possible, so Waffles the Panda dusted off his crystal ball and divined names from “the other side.” Waffles claim that the names “just come to me,” but I think that John Edward may have been involved somehow.

Bamboo t-shirts went to 25 lucky winners:

  • Johann Walder
  • John Richter
  • Sathya Sekar
  • Shanthi Adloori
  • Brian Spolarich
  • Courtney Robbs
  • Stason Rodrigues
  • Steve Palmo
  • Niclas Carlsson
  • Mark Johnstone
  • Alyssa Getzoff
  • Peter Malyon
  • Greg Celentano
  • Mark Wein
  • Eliot Picken
  • Sean Massey
  • Brian Grant
  • John E Mullin
  • Lou Farho
  • Marc Cacciola
  • Ben Sevier
  • Kaiyun Liu
  • Gary Kennington
  • Thomas Hildebrandt
  • Jennifer Schwarz

These lucky folks have each won an iPod Nano in stylish “Bamboo Green”:

  • Scott Castleberry
  • Mike Campbell
  • Albert King
  • Sajjad Ahmed
  • Andreas Herigstad

And finally, the grand prize of an iPad goes to:

  • Chris Dooley
  • Melissa Windisch

Congratulations to all of our winners! I’ll be contacting you shortly with details as to how to claim your prize. If you weren’t among the winners today, however, keep following Bamboo Nation because tomorrow we’ll be announcing another chance to win a Bamboo t-shirt, and you never know when another iPad/iPod giveaway could be announced!