Bamboo Solutions’ Knowledge Management Expertise Celebrated by KMWorld

Bamboo selected as one of KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

Bamboo Solutions, the leading provider of solutions for Microsoft® SharePoint®, is pleased to announce that it has once again been recognized by the editors of KMWorld as one of the KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management. Since 2000, KMWorld has been publishing this annual list of companies that are committed to the field of Knowledge Management. The full list of this year’s winners will be unveiled in the March 2014 issue at

Since 2001, Bamboo Solutions has been providing the critical products organizations require to enhance SharePoint and facilitate knowledge-sharing, collaboration, community building, and information discovery. Available for SharePoint 2013, 2010, and 2007, Bamboo Knowledge Base embodies the core objective that thousands of users have grown to rely on since its initial release: to provide a flexible, scalable, and affordable knowledge management application that is simple to set up and makes it easy for organizations to centralize online documentation, and for users to easily access that knowledge base.

“Bamboo Solutions has proven to define the spirit of practical innovation by blending sparkling technology with a deep, fundamental commitment to customer success,” says Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor-in-Chief. The previous 100 Companies’ listings (March issue) are archived online at

“We’re proud to have been chosen for KM World’s prestigious list. Customers worldwide can benefit from SharePoint’s knowledge management capabilities,” says Anders Johnsson, Bamboo Solutions Chairman of the Board. “With Bamboo’s Knowledge Base, organizations can extend SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features and transform SharePoint into a knowledge management powerhouse capable of capturing and leveraging company knowledge for a fraction of the cost of custom or legacy applications.”

Individual components from Bamboo’s industry-leading library of 70+ products can be configured to further broaden your knowledge management capabilities. To help customers easily take SharePoint to new heights, Bamboo has assembled a cost-effective Knowledge Management Suite which provides a simple and convenient way to extend Bamboo Knowledge Base with complementary, configurable applications and components which add process management, data aggregation, alerts management, visualization tools, and more.

By providing a high-touch experience, and ready access to the largest pool of SharePoint experts in the world, Bamboo Solutions aims to advance its relationship with each customer from that of product vendor to a trusted partner. Use SharePoint the best way, the Bamboo Way.