Bamboo is SharePoint 2010-ready, Are You? Part 4: Announcing the Availability of the Final Set of Bamboo Products and Suites for SharePoint 2010

Bamboo Solutions has been moving full-speed ahead on porting of our entire product portfolio to SharePoint 2010 over the past year and, as you may have already heard, we are now FINISHED!  Did you know that over 60% of Bamboo customers have stated that they either have already, or will be moving to 2010 within the next 12 months?  Well, Bamboo is here for you.  Over the past several months, I began keeping you posted on our porting process with the first post in the Bamboo is SharePoint 2010-ready, Are You? series, introducing you to the first set of Web Parts Bamboo had released for both SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010.  That initial post was soon followed Bamboo is SharePoint 2010-ready, Are You? Part 2: Announcing the Availability of SharePoint File Share Library & Wiki Publisher for SharePoint 2010.  Then in November of 2010, I offered the third part of my series with Bamboo is SharePoint 2010-ready, Are You? Part 3: Announcing the Availability of Over 15 Products and Packs for SharePoint 2010.  It’s now my pleasure to conclude the series providing you the final list of SharePoint 2010-ready products and suites.

PLEASE NOTE: The following products will not be ported to SharePoint 2010: DWG Parser Solution Accelerator, List Integrity, Map Chart Web Part, System Log Manager, and User Management Solution Accelerator.

Without further ado, here is the final batch of existing Bamboo products and suites released for SharePoint 2010:

Bamboo SharePoint Administration Suite Obtain the entire set of SharePoint Administration products provided Bamboo Solutions in a single conventient purchase.
Bamboo Ultimate Suite Do you want the convenience of purchasing and using all of Bamboo’s Web Parts and more, including future releases? The Bamboo Ultimate Suite is the right package for you.
Grant Management Solution Accelerator The Grant Management Solution Accelerator from Bamboo helps Grantee organizations track their grant obligations to ensure that required reports are filed on time and funds received are spent effectively.
Hello Web Part Welcome users to your portal displaying a personal welcome message including the user’s name.
List Bulk Export Do you need an easy-to-use application that allows you to export documents from a SharePoint Document Library to your file system? Need it to provide full process logging and have the capability to be scheduled on a regular basis? Our List Bulk Export is just what you’re looking for.
Office to PDF Conversion Solution Accelerator SharePoint is great for building a document repository quickly, but what if you want some users to only access read-only, non-editable copies of the electronic files?
SharePoint Video Library Whether it’s training, management updates, or company commercials, SharePoint Video Library lets you to playback files using an embedded media player, show video thumbnails, display media-specific metadata (duration, resolution, etc.) and even link to streaming servers.
SQL View Web Part Quickly generate a SQL Statement or database view for SharePoint list data to use with popular reporting applications, such as Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports.
User Manager for Sites User Manager for Sites provides administrators or specific users with access to a simple, SharePoint-based application that lets them maintain and organize user access security information for Sites in a Site Collection.
User Profile Sync The Bamboo User Profile Sync automatically synchronizes user information between the SharePoint User Profile database, Active Directory, Contact Lists and User Information Lists.

All SharePoint Versions

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