Bamboo is SharePoint 2010-ready, Are You? (Part 1)

UPDATEPart 2: Announcing the Availability of SharePoint File Share Library & Wiki Publisher for SharePoint 2010

Wow, can you believe it?  Over 60% of Bamboo customers plan to move to SharePoint 2010 within the next 12 months!  That is just an amazing amount.  What, you don't know what I'm talking about?  Did you miss Steve Gaitten's post last week, Survey Results – When are Companies Going to Upgrade to SharePoint 2010?  It is very eye-opening, and I think it's a must-read.

If you're among that 60% of Bamboo customers expecting to be on SharePoint 2010 within the next year, don't worry about your investment in Bamboo products, because we've got you covered!  Bamboo's Engineering team is hard at work converting our entire* product portfolio to SharePoint 2010 as we speak.  And hey, guess what?  Just as our current offerings support both WSS v3 and MOSS 2007, all products will support both SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010!  (As you can tell, Bamboo is still seeking help abbreviating the new platform into sexy, roll-off-the-tongue terms, can you help?)

*List Integrity is the one Bamboo Product that will not be converted to SharePoint 2010, as SharePoint 2010 column type Lookup supports same functionality as List Integrity.

So what Bamboo products are 2010-ready right now?  Glad you asked!

SharePoint Project Management Central Organize, track, and visually report the status of all your projects from a single workspace designed for you and your boss.
SharePoint Project Management Suite A complete collection of project management Web Parts in a convenient suite, at a discounted price.
Alert Plus Easily setup alerts with custom notifications based on conditional triggers, such as sending an alert before and after a task is due, if the status of an item is "Delayed", or the priority of an item is equal to "High" and the status is equal to "Not Started".
Alerts Administrator Allow SharePoint Administrators to manage multiple users' SharePoint Alerts across sites and site collections from a single location.
Bamboo Column Level Security With column level security, you can store secure and public data side-by-side, knowing that each user will only be shown data they have access rights to. Even better, you can individually and independently assign read/edit access, so data can be viewed, but not edited, by mid-level users.  As an additional level of security, data stored in this column is also encrypted in the database.
Bamboo Custom Identifier Generate customized unique values for your SharePoint list items with the Bamboo Custom Identifier column.
Bamboo KPI Column Calculate and display task/project/item status based on your own key performance indicators, and display a collection of status columns with the included display Web Part.  The best part is that neither MOSS 2007 or SharePoint Server 2010 are required!
Bamboo Lookup Selector Go beyond the confines of same site lookup and pull data across sites within a Site Collection using Bamboo Lookup Selector.  Take a step further and create dependent lookup columns that automatically filter options based on another column selection.
Bamboo Rich Text Add multi-language spell check, automatic Picture Library image uploading, style support, and much more to the functionality of the standard Rich Text column.
Bamboo Validator Column Control list content and validate column data by range, structure, or value, during entry, and do it programmatically using regular expressions for unlimited options.
Bamboo Visual Indicator Give your SharePoint List Views a little flavor.  With Bamboo Visual Indicator, display a bar to represent Percent Complete or a color bar for a choice selection made.
Calendar Plus Web Part Do you want to display your SharePoint list items in a calendar, but are frustrated with the limitations of the default calendar view? You need the flexibility of the Calendar Plus Web Part.
Chart Plus Web Part Display SharePoint List or SQL Table/Views in a graphical representation using Chart Plus Web Part.  Did we mention that Chart Plus Web Part works in both WSS v3 and Foundation 2010 also?
Cross List Web Part Provides a quick and easy way to aggregate and present combined data from multiple SharePoint lists where lookup fields are being used to associate the lists. Filter and sort the display to target relevant information for your team.
Data-Viewer Web Part Easily customize the look and feel of SharePoint List, SQL, List Rollup, or other external data in a grid-style data view without using SharePoint Designer.
Filters Collection The Filters Collection provides users with a dynamic and programmatic way of filtering data via a User's data and/or Choice. The Filters can be set to be visible or invisible.
Group Email Web Part Our Group E-mail Web Part allows you to quickly send emails to a group of users using the e-mail addresses in a list, the SharePoint site, or Active Directory group.
List Bulk Import Quickly import and share large volumes of critical documents and data in SharePoint from legacy databases, spreadsheets, network file directories or SharePoint Lists.  Rebuilding your SharePoint Farm for SharePoint 2010?  List Bulk Import is the solution to get your data from your existing SharePoint 2007 farm to your new SharePoint 2010 farm.
List Print List Print is a SharePoint feature that adds a "Print List" command to the Actions menu of every SharePoint List — when activated, it opens a new window with the contents of the current list presented in one of several space-saving, easy-to-read templates.
List Rollup Web Part Do you want to consolidate various SharePoint list items from multiple areas and Web sites into a single view with the ability to display, filter, and sort relevant information? You need the List Rollup Web Part.
List Search Web Part Streamline list searching to make search results more relevant for your end users.
Mini-Calendar Web Part Do you need to dynamically filter your SharePoint list items based on a date? Then connect this mini-calendar Web Part to your list and quickly select and view the items that are active on a particular date.
My Alerts Organizer Allow users to manage their own SharePoint alerts from an easy to use Web Part like user interface. Users can create new alerts and view, edit, remove or enable/disable existing SharePoint alerts.
SharePoint In/Out Schedule Board Track and display employee time spent in and out of the office in Gantt or Calendar views. The SharePoint In/Out Schedule Board Solution Accelerator is aimed at providing an organization with a central area to track shared and human resources – allowing for more effective planning.
SharePoint Navigators Quickly create your own custom navigation in SharePoint using Tab Strip, Menu and Tree Controls.
SharePoint Project Portfolio Dashboard Provide program managers and executives a high-level view of the status of company projects. Select from 9 dashboard components to create a custom dashboard layout consisting of color-coded lists, bar, pie and Gantt charts.
SharePoint Task Master SharePoint Task Master allows users to create tasks and dependencies between tasks, identify milestones and view tasks in a Gantt view.
SharePoint Team Calendar Provides a centralized group calendar that can interact with a SharePoint calendar list, multiple Microsoft Exchange calendars, or both side-by-side.
Site Creation Plus As a SharePoint Administrator, take control of the creation of sites in your farm by limiting the options to the users with Site Creation Plus Web Part.
Tree View Web Part Quickly view list, library, and discussion items, Wiki pages and sites using a hierarchical tree view navigation structure.
World Clock and Weather Web Part The World Clock and Weather Web Part uses web services to display forecast and current weather, along with date and time for the U.S. and around the world

SharePoint Online

The cloud parts are functional components that extend your SharePoint Online environment in Microsoft 365.

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