Bamboo Introduces an Enterprise Support Program for Office 365

Additional Support and Service for Our Office 365 Customers

As Office 365 continues to evolve, our goal at Bamboo remains the same – to deliver high-quality products and services at an affordable price. Our software model has stayed away from per-seat, per-month subscriptions, or other limiting pricing plans. Instead kept the traditional perpetual license and support that our customers demand and love.

Up until now, we have had a single price for our Office 365 products that license a customer’s entire SharePoint domain- no user or site collection restrictions. Over the past year, we have learned that our support costs for our larger customers are greater than our smaller customers. Traditionally, pricing for our on-premises SharePoint products used the number of servers running Microsoft Foundation Web App services to differentiate our larger, more complex customers from the smaller clients. This created more revenue to cover our support costs: the more servers, the more licenses needed. For Office 365 this natural scaling factor does not exist, yet the challenges faced by larger clients are greater than smaller ones.

Introducing a new plan

We are now introducing our Enterprise Support Plan that enables us to provide the additional support needed for our larger, more complex customers. We are able to keep the purchase price of our products the same across the board.

Through this program, we have added an additional, modest recurring yearly support fee to customers with more than 2,000 employees. This single recurring fee is per account regardless of the number of products owned by the account. It is designed to ensure we can provide the support and guidance that our larger customers want while not adding any complexity or limitations to our product pricing.

As part of this program, our enterprise customers not only get the standard Bamboo product support but also additional hours for issues that fall outside of standard product support. These hours can be used for things like product installation, setup and configuration, upgrades, and training.

More information on the Enterprise Support Program can be found here. We understand that there are unique circumstances for your organization where the employee count does not match the users on your SP tenant. Please reach out to discuss your needs. We would love to hear from you.