Announcing Workflow Conductor 2.0 for SharePoint 2007

Back in July, Workflow Conductor version 2.0 offered up some great new features to SharePoint 2010 users, but that doesn’t mean we forgot about all of those people stuck in 2007 (SharePoint 2007, that is. Not people still listening to ‘Fergalicious’ and watching ‘Cavemen’). We know a lot of companies haven’t made the jump to 2010 yet,  but just because a SharePoint environment is getting a little older doesn’t mean that it can’t learn some new tricks. To prove it, Workflow Conductor 2.0 is now available for SharePoint 2007, which means systems don’t have to act their age. Here are a few of the new things you get with 2.0:

  • New Workflow Deployment Methods – Workflows can still be deployed as farm-level solutions, but now they can also be restricted to a single list using a new “simple publishing” option. This gives businesses the ability to choose how and where workflows get used, and it also eliminates the pesky app pool resets caused solution deployment.

  • Workflow Versioning – Using “Simple Publishing” means new versions of workflows can be published to a list without the need for renaming, and without breaking any in-flight workflow instances of those workflows.
  • Improved User Lookups – You can now define how you would like a user or group lookup to be returned (i.e., as the display name, account name, email address, etc.)
  • Manual Workflow Deployment – Administrators who wish to keep using solution deployment workflow publishing can now look at a list of all the scheduled workflows, and manually deploy them as desired between scheduled release windows.
  • Filter and Sort Workflow Templates – We know firsthand that it can be hard to manage a lot of workflow templates, so now you can sort or filter the workflow list based on workflow creator, lost modified date, workflow name, and workflow description.
  • Email attachments – You can now attach items from a library, or the attachments on a list item. It doesn’t have to be for the current item, or even an item on the current site collection!
  • Error Notifications – Administrators get to define which users get notified if a workflow instance fails (even if it’s just them).
  • Update User Info – Previous versions let you grab user info/profile data; now your workflows can update that data too.
  • Update AD Account – More of the same, but with AD account info.
  • Add Column – Pick a column to add. Pick a list to add it to. It’s as simple as that.
  • Set Item Permissions – It’s all about the inheritance. Break it and create custom permissions, or restore it and get rid of the custom stuff.
  • Create AD Group – Create a new AD group.
  • Remove AD Group – Remove a … you get the .jpg.
  • Remove SharePoint Group – We let you add them in previously, and now you can clean them up too.
  • Create Site – Create a new SharePoint site.
  • Delete Site – Delete an existing site (don’t worry, they’ll still need the right permissions to do it).
  • Set Site Permissions – (Speaking of permissions) Change who can/can’t do various things on a site.

As always, we’re excited to get all of these new features into our users’ hands, especially since it means we get to work on the next set of improvements. Currently we’re hard at work on release 2.1 (coming soon), which will clean up some UI and usability issues we’ve been wanting to get to for a while, but just haven’t had the time. We’ve also got plenty of good stuff planned for the next few releases after that, so stay tuned to Bamboo Nation for all of the details. Enough talk already. Go get your free download and trial of Workflow Conductor now and get hands-on with all of these features. If you don’t have time for a download, but want to get a better look at what it can do, sign up for one of our free Webinars.

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