Announcing User Redirect and Group Redirect for SharePoint 2013

Seamlessly direct the flow of your Web traffic in SharePoint 2013 using Bamboo’s User Redirect and Group Redirect Web Parts.

With the User Redirect Web Part, administrators can create a list of users, and redirect each individual user to a specific predefined page. This adds an extra layer of control to the existing SharePoint security model and can alleviate the need to deal with complex group membership scenarios. It can be used as a security tool to keep certain users away from a page or to only let certain users in:

Group Redirect Web Part takes things a step further allowing you to redirect users of different SharePoint and Active Directory groups to different pages:

You can even use and/or logic to send users who are members of a combination of groups to different places:

Check out User Redirect Web Part and Group Redirect Web Part for SharePoint 2013, and get your users where they need to go.