Announcing the SharePoint 2010 Price Calculator, a Free Tool to Estimate SharePoint 2010 Licensing Costs

Are you considering a migration to SharePoint 2010 from WSS or MOSS?  Looking at an investment in adopting SharePoint as your collaboration and document management platform as a result of critical acclaim for the 2010 release?  Wishing there were a simple method of estimating all of the associated licensing costs related to such an investment?  Bamboo is here to help with a SharePoint 2010 version of the popular SharePoint Price Calculator that we introduced with MOSS 2007.

Please note that the SharePoint 2010 Price Calculator isn't intended to replace a discussion with a certified Microsoft Licensing Specialist, but if you're still in the early stages of considering an investment in SharePoint 2010, our tool will help provide you with some ballpark estimates based around the license types and particular options that your organization will require.

Arriving at your custom-tailored cost estimate is as simple as plugging a few data points relating to your organization into the tool.  Just enter the total number of employees expected to access the platform, the total number of Web Front-end (WFE) servers you will utilize, the total number of SQL servers in your deployment, the number of additional servers in your farm (if any), and the particular license type / custom options  you're interested in, and the Price Calculator will take care of everything else for you. 

Of particular note for existing SharePoint customers is that there have been a few changes to the license types available with SharePoint 2010 from the WSS/MOSS model of 2007.  Of the three license types available for SharePoint 2010 (defined by Microsoft as Foundation, Standard, and Enterprise), here's the quick 'n' dirty lowdown:  Foundation is a free download, though companies using it must be properly licensed for Microsoft SharePoint Server; Standard and Enterprise both require the purchase of SharePoint Server 2010 and licensing of the requisite feature set; the Enterprise CAL is additive (i.e., you must already have the Standard CAL), and the Enterprise license also provides the opportunity to add on a license for FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint.  Microsoft makes available a handy feature-comparison list between the three license types, allowing you to compare at a glance just which features are available (or unavailable, as the case may be) with each license type.

And with that preface complete, why not "come on down" and play Bamboo's version of "The SharePoint 2010 Price is Right" with our SharePoint 2010 Price Calculator?

Once you've arrived at your estimate, please share your feedback and/or ask any questions you may have in the SharePoint Price Calculator forum.

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