Announcing the Release of SharePoint Navigators 1.5 for SharePoint 2010

[UPDATE]  Navigators 1.5 is now available for SharePoint 2013.

To all of our customers on SharePoint 2010: You may rest assured that, amidst all the recent SharePoint 2013 excitement, Bamboo is still very much invested in SharePoint 2010, and we are continuing to introduce product improvements to meet your ongoing needs. With that in mind, I’m especially pleased to announce the release of SharePoint Navigators 1.5 for SharePoint 2010. (For those of you already on SharePoint 2013, your release will be available in about a month.) This release brings many enhancements to support navigation using the TabStrip, menu, or tree menu … and we also added a Mega Menu option while we were at it.

What is a Mega Menu? A Mega Menu is a two-dimensional menu that allows users to display a large sitemap-like menu, expand menus, or link to pages with additional navigation:

New Features in the 1.5 release for SharePoint 2010:

  • Provide users the option to use a Mega Menu:
  • Allow users to set the size, color, and/or alignment of the individual TabStrip and menu:
  • Allow showing two levels for the TabStrips:
  • Allow users to show an icon for the TabStrip, menu, and icon.
  • Allow users to set the orientation of the TabStrips and menus.
  • Allow users to go directly to the page from the link, or open the link in another window.
  • Allow users to configure skin and font style via the tool pane configuration or using a custom style sheet (CSS).
  • Allow users to delete the Navigators list.

The following KB articles provide additional information on how to:

  • For information on how to customize the skin, see KB.13008 HOW TO: Customizing the Skin for Bamboo Navigators Using the Custom Style Option
  • For information on how to add a mega menu, see KB.13006 HOW TO: Add Mega Menu to Bamboo Navigators Menu Web Part

Try it out with a 30-day free trial and please provide us your feedback. We want to hear from you.

Want to learn more about Navigators? Check out our 4-part User’s Guide series spotlighting the Menu Navigator Web Part:

  • Navigators User Guide, Part 1: How to Use the Menu Navigator Web Part
  • Navigators User Guide, Part 2: How to Customize the Menu Navigator Web Part
  • Navigators User Guide, Part 3: How to Customize the Navigator Menu Editing the CSS
  • Navigators User Guide, Part 4: How to Add Content to the Menu Navigator Web Part

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