Announcing the Release of Project Portfolio Dashboard for SharePoint 2013

Since I have been in the workforce at various companies, my departments are always using dashboards to monitor the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) from network utilization and ticketing systems to project management. Project Portfolio Dashboard is one of the key components in our Bamboo PM Central application that is used for presenting data related to project management, such as Project Charter, KPIs, etc. . In PM Central, it is mainly utilized to show the high-level Gantt view of all the projects. However, there are several features in the Project Portfolio Dashboard that you can use based on your needs. You may be interested to know that Project Portfolio Dashboard for SharePoint 2013 is coming out now since PM Central for SharePoint 2013 is slated to be unleashed late next week.

Here are the high-level features:

  • Now available for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Foundation 2013 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2013. New!
  • Configure a dashboard for a single project or an entire project portfolio.
  • Present a dashboard based on comprehensive project management data points for measuring project performance.
  • Include a Project Charter and/or Executive Summary in the dashboard for reference to stakeholders and upper management.
  • Customize up to 9 different widgets that allow you to communicate data through Gantt, pie, and bar charts, as well as via red/yellow/green indicators and an issue meter. Each widget is highly configurable with sorting, grouping, filtering, axis label designations, widget sizing, and paging settings (available where applicable).
  • Customize the layout of the widgets within the Web Part editing the source HTML directly.
  • Select from a list of predefined pie and bar chart skins to coordinate the colors of your chart.
  • Map existing Project Summary lists to the Project Portfolio Dashboard using the Bamboo Project Dashboard Data Mapping Web Part (now included with this product). See changes made to the Project Summary List updated in the Portfolio Dashboard at the same time.
  • Show project status in your Project Summary Lists using the familiar green, yellow, and red icons for overall schedule status, issue status, risk status, etc. at the individual project level using the Bamboo KPI Column (now included with this product).
  • License all three components with just one license key using the bundle licensing component.

While you are making plans to migrate to SharePoint 2013, you might want to think through to see if you would need a tool like this to manage your projects and their KPIs or not. Note that you don’t need to configure anything extra like the Analysis Services, and it works with both SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013. Try it on our sandbox for free to help you finalize your decision while evaluating this tool.

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