Announcing the Release of Discussion Board Plus for SharePoint: Empower Users to Find and Share the Most Accurate and Relevant Content

You’ve probably heard the sayings, “Written once, read many times,” and “Speak once, listen many times” before, right? In today’s organizations, teams are often located in different locations, and even in different time zones. With organizational challenges such as these, the ability to provide the correct answers to user’s questions  empowering them with reliable findability is critical. Many of you have already tried our Discussion Board Plus for SharePoint via the availability of the beta in Bamboo Labs, or have read the Introduction of Discussion Board Plus our engineer, Binh Nguyen. Today, I’m pleased to announce the release of Discussion Board Plus for SharePoint 2010 on our storefront.

What you can do with Discussion Board Plus?

  • Elevate the most important topics to the top of the Board via the sticky option;
  • Mark the most accurate answer as correct;
  • Suggest a reply as possibly being the correct answer;
  • Rate a topic or post based on the content via the Bamboo Rating Column (included);
  • Search and find answers quicker via Bamboo List Simple Search Web Part (included);
  • Visually identify the status of posts via icons, and more…
  • Key Features:

    Download a free trial of Discussion Board Plus for SharePoint for 30 days, and see what it can do for your organization. If you have existing out-of-the-box SharePoint Discussion Boards and you’d like to leverage the additional features of Discussion Board Plus on those Boards, you can easily do so via the migration tool that comes bundled with Discussion Board Plus.