Announcing the release of Bamboo Select

We are thrilled to announce the release of a brand new product called Bamboo Select.  Bamboo Select is an all-in-one package that combines together installation services, software, training, and product support.  When we set out to create Bamboo Select, our goal was to put together a no-fail package that would provide our customers with a surefire path to SharePoint success.  We already had a number of product Suites that were effectively serving mature SharePoint deployments, so our focus with Bamboo Select was to determine the set of products and services that would guarantee success for customers who were still early on in the SharePoint maturity cycle.  We’re confident that the Bamboo Select package achieves this.

We’ve helped thousands of organizations over the years enhance SharePoint through the use of our Web Parts.  Many of these have gone on to utilize Bamboo Suites and applications to help them build momentum and realize greater value in their SharePoint deployments.  This experience has enabled us to be able to anticipate what the typical SharePoint customer needs at the various stages of their SharePoint journey.  Bamboo Select contains nine products that will have an immediately recognizable impact on your SharePoint environment and will enable you to bring powerful capabilities to SharePoint that would otherwise require extensive coding and/or configuration work.   These products were selected to help customers with the typical issues they face early on with SharePoint.  They cover a broad range of functionality and include tools for calendaring, charting, data management, and more.  If you currently own one or more Bamboo products, then it’s likely that you already own a product that is included in Bamboo Select.  That’s ok, we’ll gladly credit you what you originally paid towards your purchase of Bamboo Select!

Bamboo Select also includes bundled services that will guarantee a strong launch and ensure that you get the long-term value that you expect from your investment.   We’re committed to the success of each Bamboo Select customer and it all starts with a successful installation.  In order to minimize IT headaches, a Bamboo technical representative will work with your team to install each product in the package and test it to make sure it is working correctly in your environment.  Each Bamboo Select license also includes two 3-hour training sessions.  The first 3-hour course highlights product features and capabilities and teaches SharePoint administrators and power users how to configure the tools.  The second training session is dedicated to covering how the various combinations of tools in Bamboo Select can be used to create solutions to common business problems.  Installed. Configured. Trained… but that’s still not the end of the story.  Our account management team will be there to periodically check in with you throughout the year to make sure you are getting the most out of Bamboo Select and help leverage the rest of the Bamboo team as needed.  Don’t worry.  If you have questions or problems, your account manager will be there to assist you.

You’ll be surprised how much return you’ll get for your small investment in Bamboo Select.  There’s no reason to struggle with SharePoint or to be left guessing where to go next.  With Bamboo Select, there’s never been an easier path to SharePoint success.  Contact our sales team or check out the Bamboo Select web page for more information.

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