Announcing Password Change and Password Reset Web Parts for SharePoint 2013

Bamboo’s popular password products are now available for SharePoint 2013, helping to simplify common IT tasks, and empowering users with self-service options.

With Bamboo’s Password Change Web Part, Active Directory, NT Directory, and SQL Membership authentication users can change their passwords directly from a SharePoint site. No need to create a special Web app. Just install Password Change and drop the Web Part onto any page. Features include a password strength meter, security policy display/alerts, automatic account info population, and expiration date alerting to let users quickly and securely update their accounts. In addition to saving IT time, features like customizable UI, locked/hidden field options, and simple audit trails ensure administrators remain in control.

With the Password Reset Web Part, Active Directory, NT Directory, and SQL Membership users can reset their own forgotten passwords without having to contact the IT department. Administrators can select from email-based resets, or they can allow users to select security questions (or even create their own) which will allow them to reset their passwords. A slew of settings options frees up IT admin time while letting them enforce security however they see fit.

Password Change and Password Reset Web Parts, These password products are both available now for purchase/download, so that you may see for yourself how they can help make the lives of your users and admins easier.