Announcing Bamboo Premier for SharePoint 2013

Bamboo Premier is Bamboo’s best and most comprehensive collection of products, and it is now available for use with SharePoint 2013. Offering a collection of 60 different products to enhance SharePoint 2013, Bamboo Premier provides organizations with a powerful set of tools and applications to drive business value and get the most out of their investment in SharePoint. From large applications that handle everything from project management to business process automation to more targeted solutions that provide additional niche capabilities, such as improved calendaring or simple data aggregation, Bamboo Premier allows organizations to supercharge their SharePoint environments. From empowering organizations with new features and rich applications to providing the building blocks to create custom solutions and line-of-business applications, Bamboo Premier provides a cost-effective way to get the most out of SharePoint. To learn more about what Bamboo Premier has to offer, visit our product page, or contact Bamboo today.