A Long Time Ago in a SharePoint Environment Far, Far Away…

Bamboo mascot Waffles the Panda meets Frank S. TrooperI would like to take a moment to introduce the most recent visitor to Bamboo Solutions: Frank S. Trooper.  Frank has led a long and varied life in a galaxy far, far away, and he came a long way to share his story with us.

After growing up as a moisture farmer in Bestine, the capital of Tatooine, Frank knew it was time for bigger and better things than shooting womp rats in Beggars' Canyon.  During his high school years, Frank dreamt of working with computers for a living, and he recognized at a young age that SharePoint was going to be the next big thing.  After completing high school, Frank immediately enrolled in military training school at the prestigious Imperial Academy.  He studied at the Academy for four years and, earning a Business Degree and PMP Certification, he graduated with honors. 

Fresh out of school, Frank wanted to take on the world and/or galaxy.  His first job was onboard Emperor Palpatine's moon-sized space station the Death Star.  Frank had heard that the first Death Star had some minor flaws that the traitorous rebels were able to exploit to their advantage.  So as the Death Star's new SharePoint Site Administrator, Frank was responsible for getting SharePoint up and running in the space station.  There was just one problem… Frank wasn't yet accustomed to working with SharePoint, as this was the first deployment.  Frank experienced numerous issues while working to successfully deploy SharePoint.  Once SharePoint had been deployed, Frank faced the additional challenges of evangelizing on behalf of the platform and encouraging adoption among his colleagues.

Well, as we all know, during the battle of Endor those traitorous rebels successfully destroyed the Death Star again.  Luckily for Frank, the empire had a great vacation plan for its employees.  During the Battle of Endor, Frank was relaxing in Cloud City on the planet Bespin, sipping on Membrosia's with an Ugnaught.  So Frank did not succumb to the tragic fate of the Death Star, but he did learn from the mistakes he'd made in crafting his first governance plan.

Frank's next job as a SharePoint Site Administrator was on the city planet Coruscant.  Once on board with his new job, and having learned from his earlier experience, Frank recognized that he needed a way to make SharePoint more user-friendly out-of-the-box.  Frank knew that what he needed were some "SharePoint Essentials."  Frank found what he was looking for on another planet far, far away with the help of the Galaxy Wide Web.  The planet was called Earth, and the company that could provide the tools to help him and his colleagues was called Bamboo Solutions.  Frank found that they had a package called the Bamboo Essentials Suite.  This Suite of indispensible SharePoint add-ons would not only allow Frank to perform his own administrative tasks with ease, but would also empower his colleagues to perform their own critical tasks easily and efficiently, helping Frank in his mission to drive SharePoint adoption. 

But first Frank needed to set up the SharePoint environment for his end users, and the Bamboo Essentials Suite included all the tools necessary for this: User Account Setup, Password Reset, Password Change, List Search, Alert Plus, and Navigators.  Secondly, Frank needed to enable his end users to store and aggregate all of their data in SharePoint.  The Bamboo Essentials Suite was critical for this, as it included: List Filters, Custom Columns, List Rollup, File Share Library, Video Library, and List Bulk Import.  And the last thing Frank wanted to make sure he accomplished was to be able to enable end users to share all of their information in SharePoint.  And being the great product that it is, the Essentials Suite was able to tackle this by using; Calendar Plus, Team Calendar, Chart Plus, Data-Viewer, and Task Master. 

Needless to say, Frank's SharePoint implementation went off without a hitch and he became the most celebrated SharePoint Administrator in the galaxy.  Of course, as a member of the Imperial Army, there is always the chance of being transferred to a new base, and Frank soon found himself transferred to the planet Earth and a town called Reston, Virginia in the United States.  Frank loved the Bamboo Essentials Suite (and what it had done for his career) so much that he recently visited us in our Reston headquarters and let us know of his success with deploying SharePoint for the new (and pleasantly Sith-free) Imperial Army.

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