2022 Year in Review from Bamboo’s President, Rob Manfredi

I take a very active and personal role in all aspects of our business here at Bamboo. For this, I am grateful. I get to see our amazing team members embrace, enhance, and mature all aspects of our business. They do all this equally while providing better customer service along the way. If there is a word we take from 2022 that lights the way in 2023, it is “focus.”

Focus is defined as a noun as well as a verb.

As a noun, the focus is defined as the center of activity, and as a verb, it is to pay particular attention to something. Distraction or an unclear goal can truly slow down a company of Bamboo’s size. Chiefly, providing focus and leadership is my primary job; our customers can experience the most from a company like Bamboo. So how do we decide what to focus on? Well, our accomplishments in 2022 are the building blocks for our focus in 2023!

2022 was a year of laying a strong foundation for our products and services at Bamboo. Our efforts coming out of the pandemic were focused on positioning our company to serve our customers better. Correspondingly reading us to take advantage of the opportunities presented by our customers, who were also waking up and returning to business. Life on hold is over; time to get to work!

In 2022, we invested heavily in our Bamboo products.

We had 18 product releases in 2022 while ending the year with 25 products available for SharePoint Online. In addition, we have 12 products in the Microsoft App Source marketplace generating most of our trials and new customers. Our investment has created a rich library of valuable, mature products that enhance the capabilities of SharePoint Online. This does two things for our customers and us. First, it enables our existing customers to provide the same experience for their users as they migrate from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online. Second, it introduces Bamboo to customers new to Microsoft and SharePoint due to the value of M365 as a high-value partner for their journey.

We see the M365 market as maturing, and one that will now embrace third-party solutions as “cloud fears” subside. The functional white space in SharePoint Online is the same as in on-premises versions of SharePoint!

Also, in 2022 we added additional service capabilities to the team.

At the beginning of 2022, our two leading service focuses were in the commercial and federal spaces. Over the course of the year, we saw a shift to the Power Platform and invested heavily in training our team to create solutions using this powerful tool. Now, 70% of our service-based solutions are delivered on the Power Platform using Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Data Verse. It’s been a unique and transformational year.

We also matured an additional service capability by carving out a dedicated migration team. This team is committed to ensuring a smooth migration from anywhere to M365. This includes Day 1 Hyper Care that connects users to their new environment post-migration. In addition, we amped up our skills in secure GCC and GCCH environments. We have procedures that document the configuration of these environments to match DOD standards for compliance. Also, we performed over 30 migrations in 2022, including a 15 TB migration to support a customer acquisition in under 8 weeks.

For 2023 we will focus on delivering these products and services to their intended customers.

Our Marketing, Sales, Pre-Sales, and Support teams are ramping up to deliver this message to our customers and prospects efficiently, thoughtfully, and focused way. For products, we will stand by our low-cost, high-value solutions as the best way for our customers to get the most from M365. For services, we will grow our team to meet the rising demand for support and services across M365. This will ensure our customers can get the most out of the Microsoft solutions they already own. Look for big things in 2023 as we tell the world – Bamboo is here to support you on your M365 journey.

—Rob Manfredi, President, CEO, and Owner of Bamboo Solutions

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