Bamboo Telemetry

See value with real-time reporting

Today, it is more important than ever to manage your time and focus on what is driving your business. The best organizations ensure that their tools and resources provide an ongoing return on their investment. In addition, we expect solutions to self report their current status and health and alert you to issues before a user does.

Telemetry offers insights on which products are used most, detection of bugs and issues, and better visibility into performance without the need to solicit feedback directly from users.

These diagnostic advantages and the ability to record data both continually and in real time can help your SharePoint Administrator determine potential risks and causes of system slowness or downtime. Telemetry is what makes it possible to collect data that becomes valuable, actionable analytics.

Through the new My Bamboo, you can now manage your credentials, subscriptions, product updates and access the telemetry reports.

Current Telemetry Reports

All Web Parts Usage Over Time

This report shows you the number of times your web parts have been viewed by users over time. It helps answer the question: Is the overall utilization of Bamboo web parts increasing over time?

Specific Web Part Usage Over Time

This report answers the question: What is the utilization for specific web parts?

Most Popular Web Parts

This view helps you see which web parts are most popular by your users. Often, the deployment of web parts is done by a site collection administrators. This report answers the question: Which web parts are the most popular for our users?

Telemetry Reports Coming Soon

Most Visited SharePoint Pages

This report answers the question: Which SharePoint pages are users visiting most often?

Client Browser Breakdown

This report provides insights into what browsers users are using to access SharePoint.

Client Device Breakdown

This report answers the question: Which desktop and mobile devices are your users using to access SharePoint?

Slow Loading SharePoint Pages

This report answers the question: Which pages are taking too long to load for users?  Often, slow loading pages are an indication that something is not configured properly and can cause user frustration.

SharePoint Pages with Errors

This report answers the question: Which pages are triggering browser errors either via JavaScript or Ajax errors?  Proactive error monitoring will help keep your farm healthy and performing at its best.

Telemetry Is Available In All Subscription Offerings