Government Solutions

Mitigate risk, increase efficiency and improve workflows with our customized SharePoint services.

Our Government Expertise


We’re a trusted partner for many federal agencies, including the US Army, DOE, DOD and DOJ.


We understand the importance of data security and always secure data-in-transit and data-at-rest.


Our solutions help our customers spend less of their budget on maintenance and more on value-producing deliverables.

Why Choose Bamboo Solutions?

Our Track Record

We’ve implemented SharePoint solutions for entities of all sizes, from large civilian agencies to state and local governments. By attracting top talent and building a results-focused culture, we identify the fastest route to success and help our customers get more out of the technology they already have.

Our Approach

Though our solutions are tailored for each of our customers, our approach remains the same. We run all of our projects through the Agile methodology – 100% of Bamboo employees complete agile training. By focusing on incremental delivery and engaging with all stakeholders early and often, we reduce risk, ensure adoption and deliver rapid ROI.

Our People

We’re a company of people, not technologists, and our goal is to make our customers’ jobs easier by helping them get the most out of SharePoint. We focus on developing sustainable, long-term solutions, and fiercely believe that better collaboration leads to better company performance.

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