Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Support

How do I create tickets, share orders, order or renew support and see my license keys?

To access all of these items, please sign up for a My Bamboo account. It’s quick, easy, and free. Please see our online Product Documentation for more information.

What levels of support plans does Bamboo offer? Does support expire?

Bamboo offers a comprehensive support plan for you and your organization. For more information about our support, please see our Support Plan PDF.

How do I know which Bamboo product version I am using?
Where do I find Bamboo product logs and installation logs?
I upgraded or uninstalled one Bamboo product, and now other Bamboo products are not working. How do I fix that?
Current storefront versions of Bamboo products for 2007 SharePoint have a component as part of the GUI installer called the Shared Assemblies Library. This MSI installer should be run to install the Bamboo.core* msi on every server on the farm that runs the Windows SharePoint Services Web Application service.
Where do I find more information about configuring, customizing and using Bamboo products?
Bamboo Solutions has Online Documentation and Knowledge Base (KB) articles addressing all of our products. Please see the searchable Online Documentation for your particular product.
I am having trouble installing and deploying my Bamboo products. Where can I get more information?
What are the best practices and guidelines for installing Bamboo products?

Questions About Licensing & Maintenance

How do I find my Bamboo product license key(s)?

Your license keys may also be listed under your My Bamboo account. If your license keys are not shown under My Orders > Product Licenses, please contact your Bamboo Solutions sales manager, or email

How many license keys do I need for my Bamboo product(s)?

For most products, one per Web Front End (WFE) server. A WFE server is any farm server running the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application (on SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013) or the Windows SharePoint Services Web Application (on SharePoint 2007) which serves pages to users.

To determine which servers on the farm run these services, go to Central Administration > Operations > Servers in Farm on SharePoint 2007, or Central Administration > System Settings > Manage Servers in this Farm on SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

Desktop applications, such as List Bulk Import and List Bulk Export, require one license per instance.

Will my Bamboo licenses expire?
No, however, there may be a fee to upgrade from one major version to another.
When I purchase a server license, can I use it on my testing and development servers?
A server license purchase can only be installed one time on your production server. A separate license will need to be purchased for any additional test or development servers; however, special pricing is available for non-production licenses. Please contact our sales team at regarding testing and development licenses.
On Bamboo’s Web License Manager page, my Suite/Toolkit status is active, but the pack license is active or expired. Is this an issue?

No, the individual products and packs will be licensed under the Suite or Toolkit license (if the Suite or Toolkit covers that individual product or pack).

Please see our KB article: KB.12725 – FAQ: My Suite or Library License shows as Active but my Pack or Toolkit license does not.

Questions About SharePoint Version Support

What versions of SharePoint does Bamboo Solutions currently support?
Many of Bamboo Solutions’ products currently support SharePoint 2007 (WSS and Server), SharePoint 2010 (Foundation and Server), and SharePoint 2013 (Foundation and Server) and SharePoint 2016 (Server).
With SharePoint 2016 available, will Bamboo continue to support SharePoint 2013?
Microsoft plans to end mainstream support for SharePoint 2013 in April 2018. See Microsoft Lifecycle Support Policy. At that time, we will stop any enhancements for our SharePoint 2013 product line but will continue to provide support and bug fixes for our SharePoint 2013 products to customers with active support contacts until April 2023. Previously purchased licenses will continue to function after April 2023, but support for these products will end, and no additional bug fixes will be provided beyond that time. Bamboo plans to cease selling new licenses and annual support contacts for its SharePoint 2013 products in April 2022 to ensure customers will be eligible to receive support for at least one year after purchase.

Bamboo plans to cease selling new licenses and annual support contacts for its SharePoint 2013 products in October 2019 to ensure customers will be eligible to receive support for at least one year after purchase.

Questions About Purchasing & Sales

How long do trial versions of your software last? When do they start?
Currently, the length of our trials for our products are flexible depending upon your needs. The trial begins when the product is installed.
Where do I sign up for trial versions of your software?

Trial versions of our products may be requested here.

How do I buy Bamboo products? Can I use a credit card? What currencies do you accept?

You can purchase Bamboo products via credit card. Please contact our sales team at for information regarding additional payment methods. There may be an additional cost to purchasing with currencies other than the United States Dollar.

What is your return policy?
Once the software has been delivered to you, we do not provide refunds. The key reason is that we make available a fully-functional trial version of the product for testing — with no disabled features. We feel that this should allow any potential customer to fully test and familiarize themselves with the product before making a purchase decision.

The only exception to this policy is in the case of fraud – where an order has been placed using a stolen credit card. If this is the case, please contact with contact information for your credit card issuer and once we confirm a case of fraud, we will issue a full refund.

Questions About Services & Training

Does Bamboo offer product training?

Bamboo offers regularly scheduled public virtual training sessions for our most popular solutions; Project Management Central and Workflow Conductor.

In addition, private training is available for any Bamboo product so organizations can tailor the content to their environment and training objectives.

Does Bamboo offer product demonstrations?

Bamboo provides weekly webinars and free product demonstrations are available upon request.

Can Bamboo help me with product installation and configuration?

Bamboo offers Installation servicesSolution Design and Configuration, and SharePoint Health checks to help you get the most from your Bamboo products.

Questions About Office 365/SharePoint Online

Do you offer Office 365 migration services?
Yes. By expanding our services capabilities, we are now able to offer our customers migration planning, content mapping, migration, and governance assistance as part of a paid engagement. Please contact our sales team at to learn more.
What Bamboo products are/will be available for Office 365/SharePoint Online?
We are currently in the process of creating a number of SharePoint/Office 365 apps based on some of our most popular products. In addition, we will be offering some completely new products/product types for Office 365.
Will I be able to download an Office 365 product for free if I have premium support on a similar on-prem product?
Since the licensing model is completely different for these new apps, and because the apps themselves are different than any related product, there is not an “upgrade” path from any existing product. We are exploring different ways we might be able to discount these offerings for existing customers of related products; however, at this time they are a separate product and purchase.
How does the pricing/licensing for Bamboo’s apps work?

Our current apps are based on a one-time, per-user license cost. Purchases can be made directly from Microsoft’s SharePoint App Store, which is accessible from within SharePoint Online or the Enterprise version of SharePoint 2013 for on-prem. Licenses are distributed to users through SharePoint’s administrative features. Bamboo is still evaluating other licensing models, so please let us know what works best for your organization.

What products are currently available?

We offer three apps in Microsoft’s SharePoint App Store. Check back frequently, as more apps will be released.

Questions About Hosting

Does Bamboo offer hosting?

Bamboo does offer access to free online test environments where you can try, test, and tweak many of our most popular SharePoint products.  Contact Us for more information and to sign up now for a trial.

Questions About Product Retirement

What is Bamboo’s product retirement policy?

SharePoint Online

The cloud parts are functional components that extend your SharePoint Online environment in Microsoft 365.

Supports Classic and Modern sites for SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365


Top SharePoint Online Products

Experience greater power and savings by bundling our SharePoint apps and cloud parts.

Calendar Plus

Chart Plus

Knowledge Base

Project Management Central

Simple List Search


On-Premises Only

These web parts extend SharePoint beyond its out-of-the-box capabilities by tailoring it to your requirements with Bamboo Solution’s growing portfolio of SharePoint Web Parts.

SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019, 2022 - Classic Pages Only


Top On-Premises Only Products

Experience greater power and savings by bundling our SharePoint apps and web parts.

Calendar Plus

Data Viewer

Password Change

Password Expiration

Password Reset


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