SharePoint 2010 Bamboo Product FAQ

Welcome to our Bamboo Product FAQ for SharePoint 2010.  For an overview of Bamboo’s plan for providing SharePoint 2010 support, please read the post, Bamboo Product Support for SharePoint 2010. This post attempts to dive into a little more detail by providing answers to some common questions. If you have specific questions that are not answered here, then please submit a comment below or contact our Sales team to get the answers you need.

1. Will all your products work with SharePoint 2010?

Yes, save for a few exceptions, we will provide SharePoint 2010 compatible versions of all of our active products as soon as possible after the release of SharePoint 2010.

2. What will it cost to upgrade?

Customers that purchased their licenses since November 2009, or hold premium support contracts for the current version, will be permitted to move their existing licenses to the new platform at no charge.  For customers that purchased prior to November 2009 and have not kept their version current through an active premium support contract, they can transfer their SharePoint 2007 licenses to SharePoint 2010 at a discount.  Please contact our Sales team for more information.

3. What products will you not be supporting on SharePoint 2010?

We will not be moving four of our products to the new platform. This includes HW01 List Integrity, HW02 SharePoint Desktop Explorer, HW15 Form AutoSave, and the PB02 Job Requisition and Interview Management template extension. The latter three are not being carried over due to a general lack of interest in these products which makes continued investment in them unsustainable. Customers that own those products will still be able to continue to use them on the existing platform, but we will not be porting them to the new version of SharePoint. The products contained as part of PB02 (HW05, HW11A, HW18, HW21, and HW31) will be converted, but the site template will not. HW01 List Integrity is not being brought to the new platform due to improvements in SharePoint that include the same functionality offered by this product. We will provide upgrade instructions to help customers migrate their existing solutions to use the new SP2010 capabilities. Existing support contracts for all these products will continue to be honored.

4. How long will you support the existing versions of SharePoint?

We will continue to support our products (through both the Bamboo Support team and by product updates/fixes) on the WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 platform well into the foreseeable future. We expect that many of our customers will remain on the existing SharePoint platform for quite some time, and we plan to support them as long as possible. Microsoft has terminated mainstream support for the older WSS 2.0/SPS 2003 platform. On September 1, 2010, we will no longer be providing any updates or support for our products running on that platform.

5. I own the Ultimate Suite.  It contains three of the products you will not be supporting on SharePoint 2010.  Since I’ve already paid for it, how are you going to make it up to me?

Ultimate Suite customers with current support contracts will continue to see product additions to the Suite throughout the year. We plan to hold the renewal price for the Ultimate Suite at its current level and have 6 new products specifically targeted for inclusion into the Ultimate Suite to balance the change.

6. When will product “x” be ready?

PM Central and 16 of our Web Parts are now available for SharePoint 2010. The entire PM Suite will be available for SharePoint 2010 by August 12. All products in the Ultimate Suite are on schedule for release in the first week of September. Workflow Conductor support for SP2010 will not occur until the next major release is made in Q3.  Any additional products (Solution Accelerators) not included in the Suites will also be released for SharePoint 2010 in Q3.

7. Can I get beta copies of the SharePoint 2010 versions of my components?

No, unfortunately, we cannot offer betas of our SharePoint 2010 pre-release versions.

8. When Bamboo releases a new product or upgrades an existing one, how long will I have to wait until the SharePoint 2010 version is ready?

Once MS releases SharePoint 2010, all ensuing releases of our products will be made to support the two builds. One for WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007 and one for WSS 4.0 /MSS 2010. License keys will not be interchangeable between the two platforms so customers will need to purchase the correct version of the product at Storefront checkout. Bamboo will provide customers with a simple method to exchange their existing keys for new ones and will allow a 60-day grace period where customers can run both versions simultaneously. Note, that there may be a short period between the time one product is released for a particular platform (like SharePoint 2007) and when its counterpart is released for the other platform (for SharePoint 2010).

9. What form will your updates for SharePoint 2010 take?

See #11 below.

10. Do you have any specific product plans for SP 2010?

See #11 below.

11. What new products are you planning to develop for 2010?

Our initial efforts will focus on porting our existing products to the new platform as quickly as possible. The second round of updates will look to include features that will add additional value to the new platform. These changes may exploit new SP 2010 capabilities or just fill functional gaps that still exist in SharePoint. Finally, we will look for opportunities to introduce new products that improve the SharePoint platform. We currently have a few product ideas on the drawing board, but they are in the early planning stages and we are not able to share them at this time.

12. Will Bamboo have products to assist customers to migrate to SP 2010?

Yes. List Bulk Import has now been updated to help customers move data to SharePoint 2010.

13. Doesn’t the new version of SharePoint provide the same capabilities as Cross-List?  Why are you still selling it?

Yes, it does. We have decided to continue investing in the Cross-List Web Part as an active product for a number of reasons. Cross-List has been deployed by thousands of customers, and in most cases, it will be easier for them to upgrade to a SharePoint 2010-compatible version of our Web Part rather than migrate their solution to use native SharePoint functions. In addition, we plan on improving Cross-List with additional capabilities that will provide value above and beyond that which is available in SharePoint 2010.



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