How to Import Excel Spreadsheets into SharePoint 2013 using the Import Spreadsheet App

New to SharePoint 2013, the Import Spreadsheet app makes it easier than ever to collaborate with team members and colleagues on a spreadsheet in SharePoint. While Excel is a great vehicle for storing data, it doesn’t provide the collaborative advantages such as co-authoring that SharePoint offers.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Import Spreadsheet app in SharePoint 2013 to import your Excel files into SharePoint as lists.

To begin, go to Settings and select Site contents:

From Site Contents, select Add an App:

Select the Import Spreadsheet app:

On the new page that appears, input the Name and Description of the spreadsheet in the text boxes. Click the Browse button to locate the spreadsheet on your hard drive.

Select the Excel file that you wish to import and click the Import button.

After you click Import, the Excel file will automatically open in your server. A dialog box will appear titled Import to Windows SharePoint Services list.  The dialog will have two drop-down lists: Range Type and Select Range:

In the Range Type drop-down, select Tab Range.

In the Select Range drop-down, leave it set to the default option.

Once you have made your selections, click the Import button.

Your SharePoint site will automatically display a new list that contains the data imported from the Excel file:

To access your file later, go to Site Contents. Your spreadsheet will be listed under Lists, Libraries, and Other Apps:

Questions about how to import Excel spreadsheets into Sharepoint using the Import Spreadsheet App? Contact us or check out our online documentation.

Michael Greth [SharePoint MVP]
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